with Stephanie Regalado

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Stephanie Regalado, principal of Business BirdSong and SisterhoodShared.com, and most widely known as editor-in-chief of Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living magazine, convenes SheSays with the same candid, honest style that makes her work so popular. SheSays guests share stories from their challenges to successes, and, most importantly, the journey of womanhood. From self, love, friends and family, to hot topics, career, community concerns, and world views, Stephanie and her guests discuss matters openly and honestly.

“By sharing the incredible journey of womanhood through our stories, we have the opportunity to awaken others and open minds to the true power of who we are as women and what is important to us,” she says. “May we uplift, may we inspire, may we strengthen our bonds through these meaningful, honest connections. A sisterhood shared is a sisterhood empowered.”

Stephanie is mom to three daughters (ages 18, 18 and 13) and one son (17), and Glamma to the most adorable granddaughter, the ever-precious Love Nugget who is 2 years old. Highlights of Stephanie’s life are traveling with friends and family—including her two small pooches, or frolicking lakeside, anywhere. Her first book If They Only Knew: Book One, a compilation of the most popular women’s magazine column of the same name, is due out in 2018.

To contact Stephanie, please email: [email protected]