Host Stephanie Regalado and guest Sarah Avey Carleton of Gather and Savor chat about the regional food scene as well as Sarah’s work bringing creative, entrepreneurial women together to connect, support and encourage on another during montly Gather and Brunch events all over the city. Greater Minds, an initiative of Greater Spokane Incorporated, provides adults support as they return to school, finish their degree of certificate and unlock oppurtunities for their future. Brad Gisolo, District Manager of Rodda Paint Co., on Business Talks with Ryan McNeice to discuss the psychology of a successful sales team, leadership during trying times and Brad co-hosting House2Home. Also, check out a new episode of The Scene from Brother’s Office Pizzaria with hosts Ryan McNeice and Erik Wolfrum. The Scene will routinely provide you and your friends and family with the next can’t miss, food and beverage establishment in the inland northwest. This show is pre-recorded and airs LIVE on FOX 28 News & Entertainment, Saturdays at 8am!