Welcome to the Pulse of Spokane! This is a new format of a long running show of ours, instead of watching every episode individually, we’ve picked the best of the week and tossed into 1 hour long episode for you to enjoy! This is Episode 12! In this episode we hear from Conner about an exciting event that is comming the the Fox theatre. He also discusses the amazing event and touches on the history behind our iconic Clocktower! Klaus sits down with Gabe to talk about his amazing career on the racetrack. The Spokane Philanthropy Awards happened the other night and here are the winners! Kent talks with M.A.D Co. Lab Studios, a local art studio, about their exciting endevors. Finally if your a fan of great burgers make sure to check out this segment with Jackson and the owner of Wisconson Burger. Let us know what you think in the comments below! We’d love to hear your feedback!