Welcome to the NEW Pulse of Spokane! This is a new format of a long running show of ours, instead of watching every episode individually, we’ve picked the best of the week and tossed into 1 hour long episode for you to enjoy! This is Episode 3! In this episode Perri reminds us the HOOPFEST is finally returning back to Spokane and how to either register your team or how to voluenteer then tosses us into a conversation with Kent Adams and Klaus Kindor and the return of “The Car Guy”! Following that Kent sits down with Kate Hudson, from Visit Spokane, to talk about a few of the exciting events happening here in the month of August. Finally Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich talks with Sheriff Mark Lamb about events that have happened and that may happen that effect us all. Let us know what you think about the new setup below! We’d love to hear your feedback! Sponsored by Spokane Fire Fighters Local 29, Homes 4 You, LLC and Apex Cannabis – Spokane