Welcome to the NEW Pulse of Spokane! This is a new format of a long running show of ours, instead of watching every episode individually, we’ve picked the best of the week and tossed into 1 hour long episode for you to enjoy! This is Episode 7! In this episode we hear from our new host Conner about what’s going on with the fair as well as an update on the weather and our local Spokane Indians! We hear from Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich as he talks with Rob Mccann about important topics around Spokane. Kent talks with Kate Hudson, from Visit Spokane, about some exciting events happening this month! Finally Lonna Smith sits down with Robyn Nance for a part 2 of Business Talks. Let us know what you think about the new setup below! We’d love to hear your feedback! — Check out more of our content at spokanetalksmedia.com — Sponsors: Local 29 Fire Fighters Union, Homes 4 You LLC and Apex Cannabis. — Most Recent Podcast : The Pulse of Spokane : Episode 5 https://youtu.be/c_8K16Yn_Y41:00 – What’s Up Spokane 4:49 – Sheriff’s Report 33:43 – A Conversation with Kate Hudson 53:41 – Business Talks with Robyn Nance Pt. 2 — Watch us wherever you are! Twitch: twitch.tv/spokanetalksmedia YT : youtube.com/spokanetalksonline FB: facebook.com/spokanetalksmedia IG: instagram.com/spokanetalksmedia Spotify: open.spotify.com/show/1M2TaybJN6WS32J2pahN1X Apple Podcasts: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/spokane-talks-media/id1436896449 Website: spokanetalksmedia.com